Elegiendo el mejor papel para Origami

El mejor papel para origami Para dominar un modelo Origami, es indispensable poder realizar múltiples dobleces, por lo que el tipo de papel para origami elegido será pieza importante para el éxito en el desarrollo del proyecto, aunque el que se utiliza para realizar un boceto puede ser papel de bajo costo, que se puede conseguir en […]


Choosing the right Origami paper

The right origami Paper For mastering any origami model it is essential to be able to fold the model many times, so the kind of origami paper chosen will be important for the successful development of the project piece, although the paper used for a sketch can be a low cost paper, which can be […]


El arte del Capoeira

El Capoeira es considerado una forma de arte marcial brasileño que implica en la práctica: movimiento, música y elementos de filosofía. El Capoeira es un diálogo entre los jugadores, y se experimenta la esencia de la capoeira “jugando” el llamado jogo de capoeira (juego de la capoeira) o simplemente jogo.   Etimología El origen más […]


The art of Capoeira

Capoeira is considered a Brazilian martial art form that involves movement, music, and elements of practical philosophy. It is a dialog between players, and one experiences the essence of capoeira by “playing” a physical game called jogo de capoeira (game of capoeira) or simply jogo.     Etimology The most widely accepted origin of the […]


Papers for drawing with charcoal

The most suitable papers for drawing with charcoal are the rugged papers, because the irregularities on the paper retain the charcoal (carbon) particles, on the other hand, on smooth papers the charcoal stroke is hardly noticeable. The rougher the paper is, the darker the strokes, since the amount of charcoal retained in the sheet will […]


The art of Karate

The karate is a martial art developed on Japan, which is now practiced on exhibition events, on sport competitions , on combat tournements, or just as self-defense training and it places emphasis on the integral self-development of the practicioner. Etimology Karate word if formed by two Japanese words kara which means “empty”, te which means […]


El arte del Karate

El Karate es un arte marcial desarrollado en Japón, que se practica actualmente en eventos de exhibición, en competencias deportivas, en torneos de combate o simplemente como entrenamiento de defensa personal y en su practica se pone énfasis en el desarrollo personal integral del karateca. Etimología La palabra Karate esta formada por la unión de las palabras […]


Origami paper qualities

Creating origami art takes more than perfecting folding techniques; it also takes vision and an important part of the process is select the right paper for you model. Although there are many hand paper makers around, most of them have other purposes and other types of customers in mind. This is why many origami artists […]