Papers for drawing with charcoal

The most suitable papers for drawing with charcoal are the rugged papers, because the irregularities on the paper retain the charcoal (carbon) particles, on the other hand, on smooth papers the charcoal stroke is hardly noticeable. The rougher the paper is, the darker the strokes, since the amount of charcoal retained in the sheet will […]


Charcoal Modalities

The charcoal as a medium for drawing is sold in different thicknesses, from the bar with just 2 millimeters in diameter to nearly 2 centimeters in diameter, and its price depends of its thickness and quality, which depends on selecting the best branches, to be as straight as possible, without knots and with a good […]


The Charcoal

What is the charcoal? The Charcoal is a very light drawing medium, with a black color and which is formed by carbon that is obtained by removing water and volatile components from vegetable substances, mainly little sections of branches from some specific kind of trees.   Origin Its use for drawing dates back to the […]