Papers for drawing with charcoal

The most suitable papers for drawing with charcoal are the rugged papers, because the irregularities on the paper retain the charcoal (carbon) particles, on the other hand, on smooth papers the charcoal stroke is hardly noticeable. The rougher the paper is, the darker the strokes, since the amount of charcoal retained in the sheet will […]


Charcoal Modalities

The charcoal as a medium for drawing is sold in different thicknesses, from the bar with just 2 millimeters in diameter to nearly 2 centimeters in diameter, and its price depends of its thickness and quality, which depends on selecting the best branches, to be as straight as possible, without knots and with a good […]


The Charcoal

What is the charcoal? The Charcoal is a very light drawing medium, with a black color and which is formed by carbon that is obtained by removing water and volatile components from vegetable substances, mainly little sections of branches from some specific kind of trees.   Origin Its use for drawing dates back to the […]


Hatching and Stippling drawing with graphite

Creating ligth, shadow and texture with hatching and stippling Hatching and stippling follow certain order for their creation and they can be used mainly to create the shadows, but they ca be used to define difference surfaces or textures in drawing too. Hatching and stippling are useful because they allow us to aboard the light […]


Drawing with graphite

    The basic technique for drawing with graphite covers the strokes, the smudges or smear of the strokes, and eventually erasing lines. To make the strokes correctly, it is recommended to hold the pen or graphite rod properly as required depending the effect you want to draw since the stroke will be different depending if […]



Brief History of drawing The drawing serves as a tool for representing real objects or ideas that sometimes cannot be accurately expressed in words. The earliest known drawings date back to prehistoric times; the caves paintings are some of the oldest examples, where the human being reflected in the ceilings and walls of the caves […]


Drawing papers

  The paper is a thin material produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, rags or grasses, and drying them into flexible sheets.     Drawing papers quality   One of the main advantages is that graphite can be used for drawing on virtually any surface and thus in practically […]