Paper Engineering

  What is paper engineering? Commonly we believe that the paper is only for drawing and writing, but its features, like its flexibility, which it is easy to cut, or it can be surprisingly strong when folded, make it a great building material for all kinds of art projects commonly called as paper engineer, whether […]


¿Cuáles son tus hobbies?

  Todos sin importar nuestra edad, genero, educación o entorno cultural, experimentamos la necesidad de realizar alguna o varias actividades que nos generan sentimientos de alegría, gozo y orgullo, además que nos hacen tener un interés especial por su práctica y por los frutos que de ellas resultan, ya sean intelectuales, artísticos, deportivos o materiales. […]


Which are your hobbies?

  Regardless of age, gender, education or cultural environment, we experience the need for one or several activities that generate feelings of happiness, joy and pride, also make us have a special interest in its practice and in the fruits of them, whether intellectual, artistic, sporting or materials. those activities many times change with the […]