Choosing the right Origami paper

The right origami Paper For mastering any origami model it is essential to be able to fold the model many times, so the kind of origami paper chosen will be important for the successful development of the project piece, although the paper used for a sketch can be a low cost paper, which can be […]


Origami paper qualities

Creating origami art takes more than perfecting folding techniques; it also takes vision and an important part of the process is select the right paper for you model. Although there are many hand paper makers around, most of them have other purposes and other types of customers in mind. This is why many origami artists […]


Pop-up Structures

What is a pop-up mechanism? Technically, a pop-up is some subset of possible devices that occur in books or cards that can be moved separately from the page itself automatically when the book page or card is open. A true pop-up is self-opening, being lifted by the action of the book itself, and is truly […]


What is Makigami?

Makigami is the art of creating paper figures and sculptures by folding and cutting the paper using only the hands as tool. Etymology The word comes from the union of the Quechua (Andean language) word Maki, which means “hand”, and the Japanese word Gami which means “paper”. Origin The technique born of the need for […]


What is Kirigami?

Kirigami is the art and technique of folding and cutting paper to create three-dimensional forms and sculptures in a single paper without using glue. Etimology Kirigami word comes from the mixing of the Japanese words Kiri which means “cut” and Gami that means “paper” and nowadays Kirigami has some variations in which we can find […]


What is Origami?

  Origami is it is the art of paper folding to create forms and sculptures.   The Origami word comes from mixing the japanese words ori that means “folding”, and kami that means “paper” and is often associated with Japanese culture. In modern usage, the word “origami” is used as an inclusive term for all […]


Paper Engineering

  What is paper engineering? Commonly we believe that the paper is only for drawing and writing, but its features, like its flexibility, which it is easy to cut, or it can be surprisingly strong when folded, make it a great building material for all kinds of art projects commonly called as paper engineer, whether […]